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This is a film we did on the different faces of the department

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We are very proud of our alumni In Israel and around the world

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Textile design focuses on the planning of a fabric’s structure (whether woven or knitted, non-woven or lace, etc.), the designing of the pattern on the fabric’s surface (print, embroidery etc.) and the development of textile products for a wide variety of applications and fields, from fashion and interiors to art.

The field interweaves traditional crafts, advanced industrial design and development and production of smart materials using high-end technologies. The integrative and fundamentally interdisciplinary nature of textile design is expressed in the close link between experimental creative ability, visual and material research and technological knowledge and skill. 

These foundations are derived from the rich history of the world's various textile cultures. Being a basic commodity, textiles are involved in the extreme situations and states of transition of human life (birth, puberty, marriage, death and others) and is one of the first attributes of a civilization. Textiles are suffused with cultural meanings, reflected in their appearance and construction. In today’s world, textiles have become an important practice in contemporary art and in critical debates exploring the boundaries and links between art, craft and design.

A few word about our vision 

mika barr

The department is named after Delta Galilee | Dov Lautman

{And some of our graduates are proud to work there ...}

Premium quality happy Jacquard throw blanket.  Your unique way to celebrate a couch or a bed, or dress your home with genuine wall tapestry. This blanket is part of the new collection GENESIS - an illustrated interpretation of the genesis 6 days creation story, bringing bits of light and color into the world of textile. This blanket represents the second day - 'Let it devide the waters from waters'  Made from 100% natural pure cotton, grown and crafted in the U.S (fair trade materials) manufactured using Jacquard weaving technique.
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